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Over 30 Years of working with many industries:

*  Medical 

*  Construction

*  Legal

*  Retail

*  Entertainment

*  Food & Beverage

*  Manufacturing

*  Distribution

*  Non-Profits

*  Schools

*  High Net Worth

*  All-Service Businesses

Consulting & Advising 

A good bookkeeper and accounting advisor can be the critical component to building a sustainable business. If you're tired of going it alone and want professional help, learn more about our unique approach to bookkeeping services today. 

Bookkeeping Services

We help deliver fiscal peace of mind and eliminate the frustrations of cleaning up your books and provide sound advice and support for you and your staff. We also work any commonly used accounting software such as QuickBooks, Peachtree and more.

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Find out how we can assist with your business!

CFO Services

To busy to oversee financial activities of your organization? While critical to your success your time is better-spent elsewhere. We assist in all areas of senior-level financial systems maintenance, planning, and consultation. 

Bookkeeping and Accounting at your fingertips!  
Our clients trust us, as we ensure client confidentiality, reliability, professionalism and operate with high standards. Some of the services we offer are: 

Bookkeeping Services by Deborah Sheeks

We offer more than traditional bookkeeping services. From consulting to a one-time project to ongoing maintenance services, our unique approach allows for customization to fit your business needs.

Also known as Bookkeeping Solutions

Consulting, training, support, and Quickbooks

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