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To advise a business, one needs to first understand what it takes to run a business. Deborah Sheeks gained her expertise the old-fashioned way—by doing—not just through book learning!

Early on, Deborah realized she had a natural talent and aptitude for accounting and bookkeeping.

“In one of my first jobs, I taught myself 10-key and soon found myself moved into the accounting department of the company,” she says. “I was a natural, and the firm soon moved me into payroll.”

Deborah worked her way up, learning by doing, eventually landing a job with a CPA firm that supported her taking classes to formalize her talent. In time, she made the leap to running her own firm, Bookkeeping Strategies.

“My experience, combined with continuing education, have equipped me with a high level of knowledge to help clients,” says Deborah. “I listen to people’s stories, quickly identify the essence of their problems, figure out innovative solutions and then go solve the problems.” 

Deborah specializes in helping medium-sized businesses (15-20 employees) that have lost control of their accounting. As a true professional, she is able to efficiently sort out their issues and set them on the right track. “There are some top-of-line business people in town, and I’m able to bring a groundbreaking level of expertise and innovation you normally find only in larger cities.”

Deborah lived in Southern Oregon as a teen and considers moving to Bend a kind of homecoming. She enjoys the mountains and the beauty of the High Desert with her teenage daughter.

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